What Is USB Modem? What Are The Benefits Of It?

As we know modem is most essential thing to use internet there are many types of modem available in market such as a DSL Modem,ADSL modem,Wi-fi Router,Usb Modem,Etc.. but among them usb modem is a most usable modem because of mobility. yes usb modem is a portable so we can use it any where you can check the benefits of usb modem at the end of the article.


There are lots of companies like Huawei,ZTE,Alcatel,Micromax,Nokia,Sony Erricson which are producing usb modem but among them i prefer Huawei.Many Cellular Companies like Sky mobile broadband,Idea Cellular,Vodafone,SafariCom,Bharti Airtel are offering their connection with huawei modems.

There are such different kind of model available like 3.6mbps modem,7.2mbps modem,14mbps modem,21.1mbps modem,28mbps modem based on the downloading and uploading speed.They can also classified according to network support like 2g usb modem,3G usb modem and there are also some 4G usb modem also arrived in market.

Benefits Of Usb Modem :-

  1. Portable
  2. High Speed Mobile Broadband
  3. Support 2G, 3G, 4G Network Bands
  4. Support Voice and Video Calls
  5. Support Gps
  6. Support MMS and SMS Services

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